At Quest we take your project seriously. We are not your typical manpower and recruitment agency, we come directly from the industry in which we tailor or services to.

We provide a one-stop shop for all your global recruiting needs. Whether it is a Staff Employee or a Contractor you need, Quest brings professional Human Resources Leadership experienced gained from directly working with EPCI organizations and provides a strategic and tailored approach to deliver satisfaction to the client.

Let us show you why we have over a 95% GLOBAL OFFER ACCEPTANCE RATE.

Jerred Hebert

Managing Director

Jerred has worked in the Subsea and Offshore Construction and Installation / EPCI business for more than 15 years specifically in Human Resources Operations.  He has led global initiatives in Human Capital Management and Recruiting within international organizations; bridging his experience and leadership in Recruiting & Retention, Learning and Organizational Development, Talent Management, Compensation and Benefits, and Corporate Human Resources initiatives to ensure that each client Quest works with delivered a competent individual who can fill today’s need, but still have the competency and skill set for the future of the organization.

2017 Offer Acceptance Rate
2018 Offer Acceptance Rate
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Our vision is simple: To provide best-in-class Recruiting, Workforce Solutions, and Engineering Services within the industry.


Our mission is clear: To provide Human Capital, Recruiting, and Engineering Support to give our clients the competitive edge and allowing them to focus on business operations and profitability.